January 4, 2023By Dr. TannerIn Invisalign5 Minutes

Added Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Beyond Straight Teeth

There are so many benefits that come with straightening your teeth—many of which are obvious. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean which means a healthier oral environment and more comfortable dental check-ups. In addition, teeth that are properly positioned wear and function correctly, minimizing the chance of future damage or breakage that can lead to expensive dental repair and/or replacement. Last, an attractive smile enhances self-esteem which helps one feel more confident.

Surprisingly, there are some wonderful hidden benefits of Invisalign treatment both during and after the process. These benefits are most closely associated with clear aligner therapy and not typically seen with traditional braces. Many patients are pleasantly surprised when learning about these lesser-known advantages!

The first of these benefits is a change in one’s diet and eating habits while undergoing orthodontic care with Invisalign

Since Invisalign aligners need to be worn 20 to 22 hours per day and removed while eating, many patients find themselves cutting out snacks. In so doing, patients end up eliminating many of the high sugar, fat and carbohydrate foods which are typical of “between meal” food choices. As a result, patients report losing weight and feeling healthier while undergoing Invisalign treatment. Many patients choose to avoid snacking even after treatment due to the positive benefits experienced during their Invisalign journey.

A second benefit is a much greater focus on oral hygiene. Most patients usually brush once or twice a day prior to beginning Invisalign.

After starting treatment, toothbrushing typically increases to at least three times a day (after each meal or snack). In addition, the initial stages of Invisalign involves creating space (prior to de-rotating to align) and patients find themselves flossing on a regular basis to remove food caught between their teeth. Many hygienists report that their “active” Invisalign orthodontic patients show better gingival health and cleaner teeth. Best of all, once the treatment is complete, these established habits remain in place and patients have a greater commitment to keeping the teeth and gums healthy now that their teeth are straight.

A third benefit is a decrease in nighttime bruxism or daytime clenching.

Many patients carry stress in their jaws and don’t realize they are grinding their teeth together, which can cause unwanted wear or enamel fractures. Fulltime aligner wear protects the teeth, and many times breaks the pattern of grinding—especially at night. Furthermore, if a patient is prone to clenching their teeth during the day, the plastic trays serve as a reminder to keep the teeth apart and the jaw muscles relaxed.

A final benefit is a reduction in TMJ symptoms.

Many TMJ sufferers grind their teeth at night. By stopping this nocturnal habit, patients find that their TMJ symptoms decrease because they are no longer overloading their jaw joints and jaw closing muscles. As their bite is unlocked (teeth discluded), the muscles and the temporomandibular joint complex relax, diminishing inflammation. Consequently, headaches, pain, tenderness, jaw locking and other symptoms may subside. Furthermore, as treatment progresses, the teeth are moved into a favorable position which establishes a more stable and harmonious bite, better serving joint health.

Invisalign has many benefits, both obvious and not so obvious, that can make this system the right choice for you. Don’t discount the power of Invisalign treatment—it can be a game changer!

If you have questions about the benefits of Invisalign treatment, please call Visage Orthodontics to schedule a visit with Dr. Tanner, your Santa Fe Invisalign specialist. Dr. Tanner will review everything in detail and develop a customized treatment plan to fit your lifestyle and budget. A confident and beautiful smile is right around the corner!